Is Day Trading Easy?

 Is Day Trading Easy? While most cryptocurrencies saw some gains, Bitcoin (BTC) is one among the few currencies that suffered some losses today. As of press hour, the quantity of the main cryptocurrency is down 0.4 percent and is trading at $ 6,327. The currency has fallen 2.2 percent over the past seven days, and bitcoin's market dominance has fallen slightly over the day from 53.3 percent to the present 52.5 percent. Bitcoin price & bitcoin trading, the crypto market has seen tons of movement today, as most of the highest twenty cryptocurrencies by market price witnessed remarkable growth, Bitcoin price & bitcoin trading with the worth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rising by nearly 21 percent by press time.

Bitcoin Cash, the fourth cryptocurrency by market cap, has grown sharply from $ 473 at the beginning of the day to $ 573 at press time, the very best trading point for the cryptocurrency over the past month. Bitcoin Cash traded at $ 420 for the foremost a part of the week, and therefore the upward trend began on November 2nd. The fourth-highest coin has risen nearly 30 percent over the past seven days within the wake of Binance's recent announcement of support for the upcoming branching of Bitcoin Cash. The share price of Ethereum (ETH), the second-highest cryptocurrency by market price , has risen by nearly 1.5 percent within the past 24 hours and is valued at around $ 203 at the time of this news.The currency has fallen about 0.7 percent over a period of seven days. Ripple (XRP), which is that the third-highest cryptocurrency by market price , is witnessing similar increases, rising by 1.3 percent and trading at $ 0.46. The currency is balancing its weekly gains, a rise of about 0.8 percent over the times . Past seven.

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