How do day traders minimize taxes?

 How do day traders minimize taxes? "Of course it'll have a downside, which means gangsters, and other people who engage in illegal transactions will have a neater thanks to do their business." Bitcoin trading & cryptocurrency, the age of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies was expected 19 years ago! Bitcoin trading & cryptocurrency How was the age of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies predicted and what this might mean for us. The era of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies was predicted 19 years ago The era of cryptocurrency was predicted 19 years ago by Friedman , an American economist who received the 1976 Nobel prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and therefore the complexity of stabilization policy.

During an interview conducted by the National Union of Taxpayers in 1999, Friedman said: “I think the web are going to be one among the most forces to curb the government's role. the sole thing missing, but to be developed soon, is reliable electronic cash. how during which you'll transfer money online from A to B, without knowing B or A. The way I can get a $ 20 bill and have it delivered to you and there's no record of where it came from, and you would possibly get that without knowing who i'm . this type of thing goes to evolve on the web . This is an almost accurate description of how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work, all you would like may be a public address for the recipient and send them Bitcoin without knowing their identity or location. For example, if I wanted to send Bitcoins to a lover in a web forum, they might simply post their Bitcoin address, which i might copy and deposit Bitcoins with my Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin addresses are often left anonymous otherwise you can link your name to your address as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Friedman also had concerns about criminal uses of the cryptocurrency

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