Is gold favourable than bitcoin during the COVID-19 outbreak? Comparative analysis through wavelet approach


The novel (COVID-19) has enormously swayed the worldwide monetary business sectors. Subsequently, financial backers feel constrained to discover place of refuge speculations during the pandemic emergency. Various examinations have assessed bitcoin's place of refuge properties during the COVID-19; nonetheless, the current investigation thought about gold as a likely place of refuge for financial backers of famous securities exchanges of Asia, Europe, and the US. The current examination registered the proportion of gold to bitcoin (Gold_Bitcoin) and thought about the place of refuge properties of gold rather than bitcoin. The current investigation examined the Morlet Wavelet approach and tracked down that more often than not during the COVID-19, gold speculations end up being more helpful than bitcoin. Surprisingly, the discoveries featured that the Gold_Bitcoin proportion expanded in higher and lower frequencies joined with CAC40. Over the long haul, the profit from interests in gold expanded rather than bitcoin returns pooled with DAX30. Likewise, the Gold_Bitcoin proportion of the US securities exchange expanded during the one-week and one-month patterns of January and August. In like manner, the Hang Seng Index made the Gold_Bitcoin proportion ascend at a lot higher recurrence (i.e., the second 50% of January, the main portion of February and April, and the principal half of June and August), though IBEX35 flooded Gold_Bitcoin at a lower recurrence (i.e., during January, February, and August). In higher recurrence groups, LSE expanded the Gold_Bitcoin proportion (i.e., in February and March); by and by, Gold_Bitcoin showed a positive association with FTSEMIB in the one-to-multi month's recurrence band (i.e., all through January, February, and August). Strangely, the profits on the Gold_Bitcoin proportion expanded in the SSEC financial exchange in the high-recurrence band (i.e., during March, May, and July 2020). 

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1. Introduction 

The world has as of late experienced another viral pandemic known as the novel (COVID-19) that arose out of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Along these lines, Europe turned into the new focal point of COVID-19 in mid-March 2020, as the flare-up sped up from its pained problem area (i.e., Italy) to the whole locale and later arrived at each edge of our planet (Albulescu, 2020). The transmission of COVID-19 starting with one individual then onto the next is a frightening component of the pandemic that shaped a worldwide crisis (WHO, 2020). Because of the disturbing and remarkable circumstance impelled by the COVID-19, various firms needed to suspend their business exercises during the pandemic briefly (Shehzad et al., 2020a). 

A market analysis achieved by Bloomberg infers that COVID-19 has diminished China's first quarter of GDP development to about 4.5%, though the dread of COVID-19 has likewise reshaped the monetary business sectors around the world. The US′ Standard and Poor Index (S&P 500) market esteem plunged to practically 30% since the flare-up of COVID-19 in the US (Yahoo, 2020). Shehzad et al. (2020a) featured that the S&P 500 and Nasdaq record's fairly estimated worth has refined to 14.9% and 12.4% from March 6 - March 18, individually during the COVID-19. Additionally, as of late, the flare-up of COVID-19 expanded the degree of VIX at the most noteworthy point likened with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) 2007–09 (Shehzad et al., 2021a). Consequently, the COVID-19 emergency arose as more ruinous for the worldwide monetary business sectors than the GFC (Shehzad et al., 2020b). 

Then again, the gold costs uncovered an uplifting outlook during the pandemic time frame, as it contacted the most exorbitant cost of $2060 during the COVID-19 period, addressing a 30% expansion in 2020 (Khan, 2020). Subsequently, the escalation of the gold costs made a hopeful projection for gold speculations as another place of refuge for financial backers, particularly when the worldwide securities exchange returns encountered a declining pattern. This conduct has set out the freedom to return to the place of refuge properties of gold get-togethers flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, incalculable investigations have edified the venture advantages and place of refuge properties of gold during the standard time frame (Chan et al., 2011; Mensi et al., 2019; Symitsi and Chalvatzis, 2019; Jin et al., 2019; Thuraisamy et al., 2013; Choudhry et al., 2015; Bildirici and Türkmen, 2015; Baur and McDermott, 2010; Bouri et al., 2020). Mensi et al. (2018) examined the financial exchanges of BRICS countries with oil and gold prospects by utilizing the wavelet approach. The examination uncovered that low-recurrence co-development existed between WTI oil and BRICS list returns; moreover, this relationship turned out to be more vigorous during the monetary emergency (Shehzad et al., 2021b). 

By and by, the examination showed that gold could be utilized as a place of refuge for these developing business sectors during the emergency time frame. Jin et al. (2019) utilized the multivariate GARCH model and presumed that the connection among's gold and raw petroleum was positive. The connection of gold with bitcoin stayed negative all through the example period examined in the current investigation. Notwithstanding, it is pivotal to assess the job of gold as a place of refuge resource, particularly during the emergency time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Critically, COVID-19 effect on the place of refuge properties of cryptographic forms of money can't be overlooked, as they contain considerable possibilities to keep away from conceivable danger during commonplace days (Bouri et al., 2017; Kliber et al., 2019; Kliber et al., 2019, 2019; Symitsi and Chalvatzis, 2019; Qureshi et al., 2020; Kristjanpoller et al., 2020; Katsiampa et al., 2019; Conlon et al., 2020; Kang et al., 2019; Kajtazi and Moro, 2019; Wu and Le, 2018; Jin et al., 2019). Symitsi and Chalvatzis (2019) discovered considerable advantages of the consideration of bitcoin in the speculation portfolio. Kajtazi and Moro (2019) investigated bitcoin's part in the Chinese, US, and European monetary business sectors. The examination presumed that the presentation of the speculation portfolio expanded by presenting bitcoin. Bouri et al. (2017) revealed that bitcoin has strong supporting and place of refuge attributes matched with different wares, particularly energy wares. In any case, after the accident of the bitcoin cost in 2013, it couldn't keep up with these properties. Kliber et al. (2019) uncovered that bitcoin functioned as a place of refuge for Venezuela's financial exchange. 

Regardless, bitcoin demonstrated nothing with the exception of a diversifier for the securities exchanges of Japan and China. In Estonia and Sweden, bitcoin has proceeded as a feeble supporting resource. Bouri et al. (2020) applied the wavelet intelligibility examination to clarify the place of refuge components of gold, bitcoin, and products. The investigation reported that bitcoin, gold, and items' supporting property fluctuates as per time and recurrence. In any case, bitcoin uncovered as a better diversifier resource conversely, than products and gold. Kang and Lee (2019) tracked down a huge connection among's gold and bitcoin. The investigation announced a basic causality among bitcoin and gold fates costs. Urquhart and Zhang (2019) inspected bitcoin's place of refuge and supporting components and found that bitcoin goes about as a place of refuge for other worldwide monetary standards. Shahzad et al. (2019) utilized the cross quantilogram approach and contended that bitcoin, item list, and gold can't be classified as strong place of refuge speculations; particularly, because of the time-shifting and solid mentalities of the financial backers. Guesmi et al. (2019) expressed that a portfolio comprising of oil, gold, bitcoin, and arising securities exchanges had significantly abbreviated the portfolio hazard. 

Then again, Smales (2019) referenced that bitcoin is definitely not a place of refuge resource due to its high instability and less liquidity. Further, a few investigations assessed bitcoin's job during the COVID-19 period for various financial exchanges worldwide, e.g., Dutta et al. (2020) revealed that bitcoin went about as a diversifier during the COVID-19 period. Be that as it may, gold is a potential place of refuge resource joined with worldwide oil markets. Goodell and Goutte (2020) found that connection among financial exchanges and digital forms of money significantly upsurge as a result of COVID-19. The examination archived that digital forms of money don't have a broadening job during the COVID-19 period. Mnif et al. (2020) measured that the COVID-19 has vitally dwindled the effectiveness of bitcoin, while Conlon and McGee (2020) figured that bitcoin doesn't furnish place of refuge openings with the S&P500 securities exchange of the US. Lahmiri and Bekiros (2020) contended that cryptographic forms of money's precariousness and anomaly had been increased during the pandemic. 

Further, these examinations expressed that digital forms of money showed a lower level of consistency than the world's securities exchanges. Consequently, these investigations assigned blended discoveries on the job of bitcoin as a place of refuge, as proven through the variety in place of refuge properties after some time. In addition, nobody study edified the supporting elements of bitcoin pooled with the securities exchanges of Europe, Asia, and the US in a solitary examination. In like manner, the current exploration couldn't follow any earlier investigation that assessed the place of refuge capacities of gold during the COVID-19. Henceforth, the current examination thinks about the supporting properties of gold and bitcoin, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The available examination investigations the effect of COVID-19 on the presumed securities exchanges of the US, Europe, and Asian nations. Quite, the examination investigated the S&P500 and Nasdaq Composite file in the US; CAC40, DAX30, IBEX 35, London stock trade (LSE), FTSE MIB, in Europe; Hang Seng, Nikkei225, and Shanghai Composite file (SSEC) in Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, this review assesses the supporting properties of gold and bitcoin for these business sectors subsequent to thinking about the main monetary business sectors of Asia, Europe, and America, as remembered for the current examination as control factors. The current examination applies a significant econometric mo

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